developing resilience

“This course was inspirational without being preachy, and teaches practical steps to develop resilience that can be put into action straight away. I really enjoyed the session with science based tips being delivered in a humorous and engaging way.

You know that employee wellbeing is fundamental to the success of your business. But you don’t want to put on another stress management course.

You want something innovative that will capture employees’ interest. A session that will make a lasting impact, help prevent stress in the first place and keep staff healthy, engaged and performing.

Caroline Dakin Associates’ resilience programme does all that and more. As self-confessed resilience geeks, we inspire your people to develop their resilience and thrive.

This proactive development programme helps employees understand:

  • what resilience is

  • why it’s so important

  • how resilient they are

  • how to be more self-aware and identify when resilience is running low

  • how to build resilience by integrating the eight key protection factors into their lives

Using a self-assessment questionnaire, employees will identify their resilience strengths and weaknesses and develop a clear personal action plan. Armed with increased self-awareness, staff are empowered to build their own resilience enabling them to live happier, stress-free lives.

After the programme, employees can address any challenges and continue to apply their learning with ongoing support including:

  • a follow-up one-on-one phone call

  • access to our resilience newsletter Thrive

  • recommended reading, podcasts and TED Talks

Having delivered training for some of the UK’s biggest brands, and with our passion for all things resilience, know your people are in safe hands.

Clients tell us that our workshops have resulted in more robust employees, reduced sickness absence and improved performance. And because our sessions are fun and a little different, employees love them too.

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