Great leaders deliver outstanding results. Yet businesses often promote people into influential roles without the training they need, then wonder why things go wrong.

With significant experience working for some of the UK’s leading brands, Caroline Dakin Associates have been on the frontline of leadership development for over 14 years. Today, Caroline Dakin Associates delivers proven leadership programmes that help businesses improve performance, engagement and wellbeing.

Each course develops a cohort of 12 people over a six-month period and covers:

  • what leadership is

  • the skills required to be a good manager

  • performance management and change leadership

  • how to engage a team and influence

  • personal effectiveness and creating time for reports

  • how to improve resilience

This complete syllabus inspires participants to take personal responsibility for their careers and gives them the necessary tools and skills to manage well.

Beyond the programme, delegates can address any challenges and continue to learn with the following package of support:

  • a follow-up one-on-one phone call

  • access to the resilience newsletter Thrive

  • recommended reading, podcasts and TED Talks

With this complete programme, Caroline Dakin Associates help your leaders deliver outstanding results in a way that’s sustainable for them, their team and the business.