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We are fortunate to work with a wide range of trusted associates. All our associates share our values and are experts in their field.

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Caroline Dakin

Founder and Head of Learning & Development

Caroline is our Head of Learning & Development and the founder and owner of Caroline Dakin Associates. Her thought-provoking training programmes help businesses across the globe to build high-performing teams. Her unique and interactive delivery style encourages participants to question their leadership qualities and challenges them to, not only reach but surpass their potential. Backed up by neuroscience and supplemented with practical tools, techniques and resources, her training inspires action and change for a better, more resilient workplace. Caroline is also an accomplished speaker and can be found sharing her unique take on resilience at corporate leadership events, national awareness days, industry conferences, and educational seminars. 

Marita Nanson-Cook

Leadership & Management Coach

Marita is our Leadership & Management Coach, working with executive and senior management teams. Her personalised coaching programmes build confident, inspiring, authentic leaders capable of leading high-performing teams. Marita places great emphasis on self-awareness, drawing on her clients’ professional and personal motivators and helping them to overcome limiting beliefs which restrict their leadership capacity. From day-to-day management through to transformational change she equips leaders with the skills they need to maximise team performance, engagement and wellbeing.

Gemma Cooke

Business Administrator

Gemma is our Business Administrator, providing support to our training team and clients. She makes sure that our training delegates are equipped with creative, engaging training materials and produces interesting personal development resources and content to supplement our courses. Highly organised and efficient, Gemma is the ideal person to manage our training and speaker programme, making sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Laura Scarfe


Laura is a Trainer, specialising in body language and influencing. Her ground-breaking training helps leaders to build rapport and trust with their employees, colleagues and business partners. Laura helps her clients to master non-verbal communication by developing their ability to observe and assess unspoken body language in others and identify and regulate their own. Backed up by scientific research, Laura’s training and practical take-away tips help leaders to be aware of their physical presence and to project positive body language which puts confidence in others. Laura is also an accomplished speaker, delivering body language keynote speeches, workshops and individual executive coaching across the UK.

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