Here's what our clients say...

Kerry Sutcliffe, Purple

"I was so impressed with the training that Caroline devised and delivered for our Executive, Leadership team and Line Managers. Across the board, it created cultural change, fostered communication and vulnerability and increased knowledge, skills and productivity. It was really transformational for the business.

Caroline’s presence is so warm and kind, she holds the space beautifully for the participants, never making anyone ‘wrong’ and delivering her content with her special mix of intelligence, knowledge and expertise, combined with humility, humour and lightness. I highly recommend Caroline and her training to anyone. She will work with you and deliver exactly what you need."

Claire, CMA CGM

"Caroline makes each session fun and interesting! She’s been guiding my colleagues through the Empowering Women to Lead Programme, and Resilience Training, for a number of years now and her support has been invaluable."

Darren Nile, Riverside

“I honestly have no idea where I would be without having completed the online Building Resilience session. The sessions that Caroline Dakin puts together really have made a massive difference to my life.

The session not only gives so much to you in order to get through the tough times it gives you the tools to make the most of living in the present to make the most of the good times as well. I made great contacts in the session and we have stayed in touch weekly and we make sure that we are both putting to use the tools we have been given.

If there is one course you are thinking of taking then this is the course for you. I guarantee you will take something away that will make a difference” 

Jenny Wren, Purple

"Caroline delivered a 6 month leadership programme for our organisation and it was incredibly impactful. Feedback from our leaders is that Caroline increased confidence, performance and effectiveness across the teams. Her delivery style is relaxed yet engaging whilst bearing in mind the needs and wants of the range of individuals under the programme."

Suzy Flanagan, Speakers for Schools

"Caroline delivered a 6 month leadership programme for our charity with workshops varying from personal effectiveness, engaging and influencing others to change management. Caroline is an outstanding trainer, with an ability to deliver interesting (but sometimes serious) subjects with both a genuine sense of humour and fun. She was able to adapt to the needs of her audience with ease so could handle learners with differing learning styles professionally and sensitively. I would highly recommend Caroline to deliver this and other programmes, having now worked with her twice myself across two different organisations and seeing the benefits of her expert training content and brilliant delivery."

Kara Rose, KRPR

“Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend Caroline's Building Resilience training programme.

Caroline is clearly passionate about supporting and nurturing people and she takes such a personable approach to the training too which makes it all the more engaging.

Her professionalism, knowledge and wisdom is clear to see and the sessions are peppered with a dose of fun too that really makes her training stand out from others in her field.”

Fran Stulberg, Riverside

“Last year I suddenly found myself in this far from normal environment of working from home, not being able to mix with family and friends and everything else that came with the Covid Pandemic lockdown.

I was out of my comfort zone and was finding it difficult to adapt to the new ways of working. I was working through the breaks I would normally have been taking if I was in my usual office environment and the stress and uncertainty soon built up.

I became aware of a course being delivered by Caroline called ‘Building Resilience’ so I quickly signed up to it. It was such an eye opener for a number of reasons. The course was filled with coping strategies that were so easy to adapt to and practical and realistic advice around why I was feeling insecure and how I could build up my resilience to overcome the uncertainty I had developed.

I would highly recommend Caroline to deliver her resilience courses to any organisation that has their staff’s wellbeing at the top of their agendas.” 

Liz Pemberton, Progeny

“We brought Caroline in to facilitate a virtual workshop with us on Developing Resilience and WoW what a great session it was! Packed full of useful information, insights and tools, Caroline was professional and engaging throughout - there was plenty of interaction and a focus on personal accountability.

A really worthwhile session and one |would highly recommend.”

Helen Brown, Royal Exchange Theatre

“I had the privilege and great fortune to take part in a 12 week Building Resilience course with the wonderful Caroline Dakin. Caroline worked with our organisation at the height of the pandemic and was like a breath of fresh air.

This course is quite literally life changing and has affected me profoundly. Through a series of coaching sessions, workbooks, reflections and resources, Caroline provides a benchmark from which to explore and develop many ways to build your own resilience and to learn strategies to cope with life's challenges.

I was changed by the end of the course and have taken much away from it. I now have a toolbox of strategies and resources I can dip into whenever I need help, and I use these strategies frequently, in both my professional and personal life.

Caroline's style is accessible, fun, and friendly, and she always encourages and enables. I would highly recommend this course and would say, "be prepared to be affected.”

Lyndsay Chan, Gorilla Glue

“I recently undertook a Resilience Course lead by Caroline Dakin, it quite honestly was one of the best training experiences I have ever experienced.

The content was fantastic, the sessions perfectly pitched, provoking and interactive. I found the theories easy to put in to practice and often hear colleagues speaking of the benefits they have personally gained as a result of incorporating Caroline's tips into their daily routines. With stress so prevalent in todays society this course would be of huge benefit to any business... your employees will certainly thank you for it.” 

Sandra MacDonald, Knight Frank

“Our company recently provided online resilience training via Caroline Dakin to our team which for me came just at the right time.

The past 18 months have been hard for everyone and the course provided the necessary tools for me to remain positive, pairing up with other team members via Teams for a short chat over a period of time to share experiences (good and bad) during the pandemic Caroline provided information on how small changes to your habits can have a positive effect on your well-being and improve things such as your sleep pattern.

The course was very worthwhile and I am thankful to my organisation and Caroline for providing this.” 

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